The flying imams request: Privacy please

The AP reports on the lawsuit brought by the flying imams in Minnesota federal district court. Try as it might, the AP can’t entirely sympathize with the “six Muslim scholars” as the victims they claim to be — the “six Muslim scholars” claim in part to have been victimized by the AP itself. Readers will supply their own laugh track:

A federal judge overseeing a lawsuit filed by six Muslim men who were removed from a US Airways flight last fall has declined to limit public access to the case.
Omar T. Mohammedi, a New York attorney for the six Muslim scholars [sic], told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he sought limited media access because he felt some of the coverage of the case has been biased against his clients.
“When you think of the media, and the way they have been portraying this case, it has not been very helpful. It has been biased,” Mohammedi said. “That has caused a lot of stress, a lot of stress on our clients, as well as made it difficult for us to handle this case … in a manner that it should be handled.”
Mohammedi’s clients are six imams


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