The killing fields of Iraq

Michael Yon’s latest dispatch gives us a preview of what al Qaeda has in mind for Iraq and points elsewhere if the Democrats get their way. Michael Ledeen comments:

Yon’s latest provides a clear picture of the terrorists’ savage methods. Literally, because it’s mostly photographs of what happened to a village that fell into the claws of al Qaeda. They just tore apart the villagers, their livestock, their children and women, and then boobytrapped the area to try to kill our guys, knowing that they would honor the dead.
And then I think about the terrorists’ latest efforts in England and Scotland, where only innocents were targeted. And of course 9/11. And then I think of so many of our leaders, who seem to be preparing to retreat from Iraq (and therefore Afghanistan), thereby leaving the beasts, as Michael Yon properly calls them, an even broader area of operation.
And then I return to my mantra: the war is much bigger than iraq, we cannot win it in iraq alone, and there is no escape from this war. They are already here, and “bringing the boys home” will gain us nothing. It will only increase the number of victims.
I stopped saying “faster, please” some time ago, because it is obvious that W and his people are not going to take the proper actions against the terror masters. But we must be clear about the nature of the war and the bestial nature of our enemies. Nobody does it better than Michael Yon.

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