Massacring the Truth

We wrote here about the striking contrast between the anonymous-sourced Iraqi massacre that was reported by the Associated Press and turned out to be a hoax, and the real massacre, carried out by al Qaeda, that was amply documented by Michael Yon, but on which the AP has been mysteriously silent. Chris Muir comments; click to enlarge:

Bob Owens was mostly responsible for bringing the story of the massacre that wasn’t to light. Bob has now written to the AP and its Board of Directors, setting out the facts and asking:

I would like for the Associated Press to formally explain why they are willing to run thinly and falsely sourced insurgent propaganda as unquestioned fact without any independent verification, but refuses to publish a freely offered account by a noted combat corespondent that some consider this generation’s Ernie Pyle.
Why is the Associated Press willing to run the claim of a false massacre on June 28, but unwilling to report a well-documented and freely-offered account of a massacre that was discovered just one day later?
I await your response with interest.

So do we, but we’re not holding our breath.
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