The Associated Press: Un-American!

I’ll explain in a moment. But first, let me say that life is good here in Minnesota. We’re enjoying a beautiful summer, with one sunny day after another. Our Twins, after a slow start, are moving into contention in the tough A.L. Central. Johan Santana, who heats up with the weather, has won four in a row.
And yesterday, the Twins put on a hitting exhibition for the ages, as they crushed the White Sox in Chicago in a day-night doubleheader. They won the first game by an unreal 20-14 score, pounding out 21 hits as the Chisox chipped in with five errors. Generally after a game like that, a team loses the next one 2-1. But not last night: the Twins kept it up in the nightcap, belting six home runs, three by Justin Morneau, en route to a 12-0 shutout.
So, what does this have to do with the Associated Press? The AP headlined its story on the Twins’ record-setting day: “Twins Score 32 Points In Doubleheader”
Points? Points? In basketball and football, teams score points. In hockey, they’re called goals. In baseball, they’re runs. (Paul could probably tell us what they’re called in soccer. I have no idea.) Sure, the first game’s outcome, 20-14, sounds like a football score. But that’s no excuse. This isn’t Reuters or the AFP, this is the Associated Press. And, while we would never question anyone’s patriotism, I’m not afraid to say it: anyone who doesn’t know that in baseball you score runs, is un-American!
UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long! The AP just revised its title to “Twins Score 32 in Doubleheader.” Here is a screen shot of the original headline; click to enlarge:

SCOTT adds: In hitting three home runs in yesterday’s second game, Morneau joined the exclusive company of Harmon Killibrew, Bob Allison, and Tony Oliva in Twins history. In hitting three home runs in U.S. Cellular Field, Morneau joined the exclusive company of Albert Belle, Jeff Bagwell, and Mike Cameron.


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