Antisemitism at Politico

The Politico has enjoyed success as a brand-new, mostly on-line news outlet. Its orientation is moderately liberal. Like us, Politico has a Forum where registered users can start threads and post. The problem, though, with inviting liberals to hang out at your web site is that you can no longer separate the liberals from the crazies.
Check out this thread, which is nakedly antisemitic. (HT: LGF.) The thread was started by a nut; more Politico posters have joined in with the usual sickening antisemitic nonsense, including bogus quotes from the Founding Fathers. This is the kind of thing we are used to seeing at hard-left sites like Daily Kos and Democratic Underground. But with top leaders of the Democratic Party now posting at those sites, it is hard to see any boundary between the “respectable” left, which Politico wants to be a part of, and the cesspool you can catch a glimpse of today on
I’m sure the people who run Politico would be horrified by this thread, and will take it down when they find out about it. (Funny that hasn’t happened yet.) But that won’t make the problem go away.
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