The Democratic “short-list” for the Supreme Court

At the SCOTUSblog, my law partner Tom Goldstein presents a list of those he thinks a Democratic president might seriously consider for Supreme Court vacancies. The exercise obviously is inherently speculative, but Tom and others have put much good thinking into this list.
At the end of the post, Tom gets wildly speculative, offering this prediction: Kim Wardlaw (2009, for Souter), Deval Patrick (2010, for Stevens), and Elena Kagan (2011, for Ginsburg). Kagan and Wardlaw are female and Wardlaw is also hispanic. Patrick is African-American.
Patrick is currently the governor of Massachusetts. I’ll predict that Dean Barnett, who has had plenty to say about Patrick’s rocky start in that office, will be a busy man in 2010 if Tom’s prediction comes true.
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