On the front line at home

Brian Anderson is the editor of the Manhattan Institute’s outstanding quarterly, City Journal. Brian writes:

In her first story for City Journal, appearing in our forthcoming Summer issue, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Judith Miller explores what America’s two largest police forces — the NYPD and LAPD — are doing to fight terrorism. Miller concludes that the NYPD sets the gold standard with its “preventative” approach (which includes placing undercovers among jihadists), but that the LAPD, constrained by limited resources, is creating its own replicable model, emphasizing “force multiplication” and “sharing” with other law enforcement agencies.
Miller includes a disturbing sidebar on an al-Qaeda support cell in Hollywood, connected to the 9/11 attacks. No one has reported on this in detail until now. Miller’s essay is “On the front line in the war on terrorism.” The piece also comes with our first podcast — and interview with Judy M., by me.


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