The soul of Steven Erlanger

Last week the New York Times Magazine gave us the tears of Roger Cohen, choked up over the lost “peace of the brave.” If I correctly read Cohen’s article (limited to TimesSelect subscribers), we were deprived of the “peace of the brave” by the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
This week the New York Times Magazine gives us the soul of Steven Erlanger. Erlanger is the Times’s Jerusalem bureau chief. His article profiles the Gazan Hamas terrorist Khaled Abu Hilal and describes his disaffection from his former Fatah compatriots. Erlanger first asserts that the war between Hamas and Fatah is in part the responsibility of the United States and Israel while speculating that the rise of Hamas may work out for the best:

The civil war that Palestinians insisted could never happen just has, a civil war abetted by Israel and the United States in the name of antiterrorism and stability


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