Vets For Freedom Heading for Washington

Scott wrote last week about Vets For Freedom, the organization of Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans headed by First Lieutenant Peter Hegseth. Vets for Freedom gives a voice to veterans who support their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and want them to be completed successfully.
The organization has been planning a Washington mobilization for September, in conjunction with General Petraeus’s report to Congress on progress in Iraq. Following last week’s votes in the House and Senate, however, Lieutenant Hegseth and his colleagues decided they couldn’t wait that long. So tomorrow, Vets For Freedom will be on Capitol Hill, meeting with Senators and Congressmen to urge them to stand firm in support of victory in Iraq.
If you are an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran who would like to participate in the effort tomorrow, please to go the Vets For Freedom web site for information on how you can join in. The veterans will be traveling to Washington at their own expense, so if you would like to make a contribution to help defray those costs so more veterans can participate, you can do that at the VFF web site as well.
We’re hoping to post reports from the vets tomorrow on their meetings on Capitol Hill.


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