Vets for Freedom, on the Hill

The Vets for Freedom are in Washington today, meeting with Senators and Congressmen to urge them to give General Petraeus and the troops in Iraq an opportunity to succeed. They gave a press conference a little while ago; so far, I’ve seen no news coverage. Lt. Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of VFF, was on Bill Bennett’s radio show this morning. It was an excellent interview; here is the audio:

Meanwhile, General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, lent implicit support to the Vets’ message:

Upbeat on what could be his final visit to Iraq before retiring, the top U.S. general said Tuesday that parts of Iraq are undergoing a “sea change” in improved security.
In an interview, [Army Col. John] Charlton said indications of the change in Ramadi include that it has not seen a roadside bomb attack in more than two months and attacks of all kinds are down to about one per day. As recently as February, when Charlton’s brigade began operating in Ramadi, there were 157 roadside bomb attacks in the city and surrounding areas. In July 2006 there were 334.


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