The Republican “short-list” for the Supreme Court

At the SCOTUSblog, my law partner Tom Goldstein, having previously provided a “short-list” of potential Democratic Supreme Court nominees, now does the same thing on the Republican side. Here are the 30 lawyers and jurists that make Tom’s latest list.
Tom goes so far as to predict the first two Republican Supreme Court nominees. He assumes that the first selection will be a female, an Hispanic, or both. He also assumes the first selection will have to be confirmed by a Democratic Senate and thus that the president (whichever Republican it is) will be forced to compromise. Thus, he predicts that Consuelo Callahan of the Ninth Circuit will be the choice. Many conservatives will hope that the president does not compromise that much.
For the second choice, Tom eases his assumptions and adds four white males to the list (including our friend Senator Cornyn). He predicts that U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement will get the nod. I would be delighted to see Clement on the Supreme Court.
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