Vets Support Norm Coleman

Left-wing groups have been running television ads here in Minnesota, attacking Senator Norm Coleman for his support of the Iraq war. Now, Vets For Freedom has responded with its own TV ad, thanking Coleman for his support for the war effort and the troops. It features our friend Pete Hegseth, along with other Iraq veterans. It is a good, hard-hitting ad; here it is:

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The truth is that Coleman’s stand on Iraq has been nuanced. He is a strong supporter of the war against Islamic terrorism, and has supported the Iraq war as part of that effort. At the same time, he has expressed concern about our current tactics, especially as applied to Baghdad, and has signed on to one or more Senate resolutions to that effect. But, unlike most of his colleagues on the Democratic side of the aisle, Norm is fully committed to fighting the war on terror, recognizes that failure in Iraq would be a disaster, and has supported our effort there when it counts. So the vets are right, I think, to view him as an ally.
It will be interesting to see whether local Democrats denounce the veterans who made this ad as “un-American,” as they did an earlier group of veterans who expressed their support for the war effort.
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