Outrage In the House of Representatives?

A Washington source writes:

An outrage was committed on the House floor tonight. I still can’t quite believe what happened.
While voting on a motion to recommit for the agricultural appropriations legislation, the presiding chair (who is a Democrat member) gaveled the vote closed. The tally was clear and the vote was over. The Republicans had won. Then, realizing what had happened – the Dems allowed just their people to keep voting to change the result. Let’s be clear, this wasn’t holding the vote open – they changed the results of a vote that was legally declared over.
Rep. Eric Cantor wrote a blog post describing what happened.
This is an insult to our democracy, something that Stalin would recognize. It is an unprecedented violation of our democracy that can not be allowed to stand. Do we live in a democracy or a dictatorship?
And, what was so important that the Dems went to all this trouble — it was a vote to ensure that illegal immigrants couldn’t get taxpayer funding in the agriculture bill. The Dems are so opposed to this, that they would violate our democracy.
We need to spread the word. The American People need to know what is happening in their government.

As Drudge would say–Developing…
UPDATE: Politico has more. It appears that the Democrats have expunged the vote that Republicans say they (the Republicans) won from the record of House proceedings.
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