Harvard’s unorthdox liar

This fall the distinguished law professor Noah Feldman will be encsconsed on the banks of the Charles in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but he shares an unflattering personal attribute with New Republic Baghdad Diarist Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Professor Feldman led off his July 22 Times Magazine article “Orthodox paradox” with the following anecdote:

I went to my 10th high-school reunion, in the backyard of the one classmate whose parents had a pool. Lots of my classmates were there. Almost all were married, and many already had kids. This was not as unusual as it might seem, since I went to a yeshiva day school, and nearly everyone remained Orthodox. I brought my girlfriend. At the end, we all crowded into a big group photo, shot by the school photographer, who had taken our pictures from first grade through graduation. When the alumni newsletter came around a few months later, I happened to notice the photo. I looked, then looked again. My girlfriend and I were nowhere to be found.
I didn’t want to seem paranoid, especially in front of my girlfriend, to whom I was by that time engaged. So I called my oldest school friend, who appeared in the photo, and asked for her explanation. ”You’re kidding, right?” she said. My fianc