Report: President Bush Is Supported by His Supporters

The Associated Press’s Deb Reichmann looks at the President’s poll numbers and comes to an insightful conclusion: the people who still support President Bush are his supporters!

To see the type of person who still backs him, President Bush need only look in the mirror. The president fits the composite of today’s Bush supporter: a conservative, white, Republican man, an evangelical Christian who goes to church regularly.

Of course, that pretty well describes the core of the Republican Party, too.

Hammered by bad news in Iraq, congressional investigations and recent failed domestic initiatives such as immigration reform, Bush’s job approval rating has spiraled to record lows for his presidency. Two- thirds of Republicans and about one-third of independents still support him, but virtually no Democrats are left in Bush’s camp.

So that’s the AP’s news flash: after six years of partisan warfare, most of the people who support a Republican President are Republicans. The AP follows up with the details:

Among age groups, his highest approval comes from the 40s set.
_Whites and Hispanics like him better than blacks.
_Rural residents like him more than city folk.
_Married couples support him more than singles.
_Voters in the South and West like Bush better than those in the Midwest and Northeast, although the differences are slight.

The groups that are more likely to support the President are also, of course, more likely to be Republicans. Note the reasons given by the AP for Bush’s declining numbers, among some groups, at least:

[Evangelicals’] overall approval of the president declined to 44 percent last month from 57 percent in May


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