Remembering the Sbarro bombing

In “Such a lovely murderer” we noted the publication by the New York Times of the film publicity still of the imprisoned Palestinian murderer Ahlam Tamimi (above). Here is how the Times described Tamimi in the film review that occasioned publication of the photograph:

A former Palestinian newscaster, Ahlam Tamimi, recalls the day she dropped a suicide bomber off at his target, then coolly went on television to report on the resulting bombing.

Now comes Noah Pollak to reveal “the real Ahlam Tamimi you didn’t read about in the Times.” Pollak writes:

Tamimi was much more than a simple and perhaps unwitting means of transportation for a suicide bomber. And the suicide bombing in question, which is never mentioned in the review, was one of the most gruesome and deadly of the Intifada: it was the Sbarro pizzeria bombing in downtown Jerusalem that murdered 15 people (17, if one wishes to count the baby being carried by a pregnant woman and another victim who was left in a permanent coma). Eight of the slaughtered were children, a detail that could not have gone unnoticed by Tamimi