Straws In the Wind

The Iowa straw poll is complete, with those who showed up doing best, as expected. Mitt Romney won with 31% of the votes, with Mike Huckabee second and Sam Brownback third. Tommy Thompson may drop out as a result of his also-ran showing.
The number of votes cast were not many more than would be required to elect a student body president at many suburban high schools. This event will receive much more attention than it deserves, but, for what it’s worth, Romney can be said to have achieved the first in a long series of goals.
PAUL adds: The margin of Romney’s victory was supposedly what would matter. For the record it was 13 percentage points over Huckabee. Whether this is “good enough” depends on whether you ask the Romney camp or the camp of a rival.
In reality, this straw poll was no more important than the average poll that shows up every day on Real Clear Politics. Sure, the results might cause Tommy Thompson to drop out. But he wouldn’t be considering dropping out if he were showing well in a national poll, or even in a New Hampshire or South Carolina poll.
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