Sharia Now!

Earlier today, 70,000 to 80,000 Indonesians rallied at a stadium in Jakarta in support of a new caliphate that would institute Sharia law world-wide:

More than 70,000 members of a hardline Muslim group held a rally in Indonesia that heard calls for a caliphate — or Islamic rule — to govern the world.
The supporters of the Hizbut Tahrir group filled up most of an 80,000-seat sports stadium in the capital Jakarta, waving flags as they heard fiery speeches saying it was “time for the caliphate to reign.”
The meeting was held as part of “civic education” for Indonesian Muslims, said Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, a spokesman for Hizbut Tahrir.
The organisation advocates Islamic rule and is banned in several Middle Eastern countries.

The demonstration was peaceful. This photo shows some of the participants:
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