Damned If You Do…

Is Bill Moyers the most contemptible man in American public life? He gets my vote. He has an obsessive hatred of Christian conservatives, as we pointed out here and elsewhere. (Religious liberals, of course, are another matter altogether, because they agree with Moyers.) Now, Moyers has unleashed one of the most over-the-top tirades I’ve ever seen, against Karl Rove. It really has to be seen to be believed; check it out at Breitbart TV, one of the web’s new and terrific news resources.
The casual, bigoted hatred that Moyers displays for Rove and his boss, George Bush, is shocking. What makes it doubly weird is Moyers’ “revelation” that Rove has confessed to friends that he is actually an agnostic. For Moyers, who accuses Rove of whipping up a campaign of hatred among Christian conservatives–a little projection there, Bill?–this somehow clinches Rove’s status as the Devil incarnate. Of course, if Rove were a Christian, like James Watt–which, for all I know, he may be–that would have fit Moyers’ playbook equally well.
Under current libel laws, Rove can’t sue Moyers. In any event, there are no actual facts in Moyers’ rant that one can take hold of and declare to be false. It’s just a pure, undifferentiated expression of hatred of a political opponent. Duelling is no longer legal, so Rove doesn’t have any recourse. As always, Moyers spews his venom from a safe harbor. What I want to know is, are my tax dollars still paying his salary? And if so, why?
UPDATE: Dan, Gay Patriot West, emailed to note that Moyers’s “mean-spirited tirade is par for the course.” GPW researched one commonly-asserted claim about Rove, and found not “one scrap of evidence substantiating it.” Check out his post here.
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