They’ve Finally Gone Too Far!

Hamas is a terrorist group whose only purpose is to murder as many innocent people as possible. For some reason, that hasn’t bothered many on the Left. Now, though, Hamas has finally gone too far for PETA: they’ve mistreated animals!

An animal rights group on Wednesday criticized a program on a Hamas-run television station in which a man swings cats by their tails and throws stones at lions in a zoo to teach children not to abuse animals.
The segment on the children’s program “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” features one of the show’s characters, a man in a bee costume named Nahoul. It’s followed by a warning from the show’s young host that children should not imitate Nahoul’s behavior.
“They say this is supposed to be educational on how not to treat animals, but it is common knowledge that children will mimic the behavior they see,” said Martin Mersereau, spokesman for Norfolk, Va.-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

There are actually two levels of absurdity here. Not only is blowing up people worse than throwing stones at lions, but Hamas depicted the lion scene in order to teach kids not to do it, whereas it actually encourages children to commit mass murder of human beings. As the PETA spokesman says, “it is common knowledge that children will mimic the behavior they see.”
This bizarre set of priorities is nothing new for PETA. Here, from their own web site, is PETA’s letter to Yasser Arafat, protesting against a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem … but only because the terrorists planted the bomb on a donkey. Some things are beyond parody.
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