Watch this space

I’m taking a week’s vacation and won’t be posting during that time. In fact, unless I’m overcome by the need to check the Everton result, I won’t probably won’t go online at all.
Often when I take my annual week off, my Power Line partners break something big. So although I won’t be reading us, you should.
JOHN adds: Oh oh. I’ll be on vacation for the next week too; we’re leaving tomorrow on our annual trek to the Great North Woods. There’s nothing like exploring a big northern lake in a small boat, while occasionally pretending to fish. Scott, the pressure’s on!
Speaking of Scott, where is he? I don’t think he’s been heard from today. If he’s on vacation too, we could be in trouble.
Actually, I’ll be able to get online. Which is kind of an amazing thing in itself–we’ll be on an island in a very large lake, surrounded by loons, bald eagles and black bears…with wireless internet service. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but, for better or worse, I’ll be connected. With my office, as well.


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