Chaitred revisited, part 2

In his column attacking Bill Kristol, New Republic senior editor Jonathan Chait acknowledges that “legitimate questions” have been raised about veracity of the Baghdad fabulist’s “Shock Troops” column. He doesn’t mention the questions raised about the Baghdad fabulist’s other New Republic columns. Chait also refers to the “continuing efforts” of “the editors” to get answers to those questions.
Neither Chait nor “the editors” seem to realize the issue of institutional credibility raised by their faux investigative efforts. As Bob Owens has demonstrated, their purported re-reporting of the column is a pretense if not a joke. They have never addressed the fact that the one “correction” they have posted to the article belies its theme. Yet according to Chait, “the editors” are still in the midst of their investigation. In the context of the silence of “the editors,” Chait’s pathetic attack on Kristol is little more than an evasion.
Here are a few narrow questions Chait and “the editors” can answer right now. Is Scott Thomas Beauchamp taking their calls or responding to their emails? If so, what is he saying? If not, what inferences do you draw from that?


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