I’ve been on vacation in the North Woods for a week, and almost completely out of touch. In the past, we’ve had a pretty good internet connection in the same place, but this year the satellite link was disrupted by weather (or something) and I wasn’t able to keep up on the news, let alone post. So it was a real vacation. Paul was on vacation this week, too, at the seacoast, I suspect, so Scott was on his own. It will take me a little while to get caught up on the news, but I’ll be back in action soon, as, no doubt, will Paul.
It’s an early fall up north, with cooler than normal temperatures and foliage already starting to turn. It was a welcome break from a hot summer. We did some excellent fishing, so, in lieu of having anything to say about the news, here I am with a fishing guide (he’s the one in back) and a 25-inch, 5.7 pound walleye:

The guide was in interesting guy; he’s guided Governor Pawlenty a couple of times. But we didn’t talk politics, just fish. More later.


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