The Most Contemptible Man in American Public Life…

…is what I called Bill Moyers, here. The context was Moyers’s unhinged attack on Karl Rove, the centerpiece of which was Moyers’s claim that Rove is an “agnostic” who has cynically manipulated the Christian right for political gain. You can see Moyers’s tirade by clicking on the graphic below::
Knowing (and caring) nothing of Rove’s religious views, I focused on other aspects of Moyers’s over-the-top display. But Chris Wallace, in an interview of Rove, took the trouble to ask him whether he is an “agnostic” as Moyers asserted. This caused Moyers to crawl out from under his rock long enough to tell Wallace that his second-hand, hearsay sources know more about Rove’s religious beliefs than Rove does. Which, in turn, prompted this response by Wallace (via Hot Air):

There comes a time, it seems to me, when a man has been so utterly discredited as a hateful ignoramus that, not only should he be shunned by all people of good will, he should even be cut off from taxpayer subsidies. Is there anything–anything at all–that is too low for PBS to countenance?
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