Professor Stith-Cabranes prepares the field for battle

Kate Stith-Cabranes is the Lafayette S. Foster Professor at Yale Law School. She served as a Dartmouth trustee from 1989-2000. Professor Stith-Cabranes and I were Dartmouth classmates, she being among the hardy group of 33 in our class who were the first women to graduate from Dartmouth. I met Professor Stith-Cabranes when she flew out to Minneapolis to represent Yale Law School earlier this year at the swearing-in of Minnesota United States Attorney Rachel Paulose. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she is a fine person.
Unsatisfied with recent elections in which a revised alumni constitution was resoundingly rejected and in which four petition trustees were elected, the Dartmouth board now threatens to reduce the traditional role played by Dartmouth alumni in electing half the board. In “Reading Dartmouth’s 1891 agreement,” we featured the argument made by petition trustee and law professor Todd Zywicki to the effect that this traditional role emanated from contract. Professor Stith-Cabranes respectfully disagrees. She has sent us an op-ed length column taking on Professor Zywicki’s argument:

Let us consider an


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