Breaching America: A sequel

Here’s one that appears at first glance to be the tale of some border patrol agent’s employment beef. Because a small border paper reported this incident it likely will get no wider attention, but it should:

Early that shift, four East Indian nationals crossed the international bridge. All were temporarily detained under federal guidelines while officers notified the National Targeting Center, which runs background checks for possible ties to terrorist groups.
Because India is considered a country of interest by the department, all of its citizens receive extra screening when trying to enter the country.
But before the background checks were complete, the four were let go and their travel documents returned, according to a government motion seeking dismissal of Cano’s suit.
By the time NTC notified the bridge inspectors that one of the East Indian nationals was a potential terrorist-related subject, (they) had already released the individuals and they were in the United States,” the document states.

Thanks to Todd Bensman for bringing the story to our attention. We highlighted Todd’s great series for the San Antonio Express-News here in “Breaching America: Todd Bensman’s findings.”


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