The Immutability of Defeatism

The Left’s attack on Democratic Congressman Brian Baird, who had the temerity to visit Iraq and report that he saw signs of progress, has been much noted, as for example by Jeff Jacoby in today’s Boston Globe. The liberals’ attack on Baird has been carried to perhaps its most ludicrous extreme by, which has has launched a television ad campaign against Baird. You can see their ad here.
In its press release announcing the anti-Baird campaign, MoveOn accused Baird of a “flip-flop” on Iraq, because he voted against the war in 2003. But, of course, it isn’t a “flip-flop” if the facts on the ground have changed. Nothing illustrates better the fact that for most on the left, being anti-war is a tautology that has nothing to do with the actual reality of what is happening in Iraq.
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