The eagles have landed

As luck would have it, our departure gate at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport took us past the Northwest Crossing men’s restroom that Senator Craig made famous. We waited until our arrival at Midway to use the facilities. Off to the panel on Dred Scott at 150.
JOHN adds: I passed through the airport this morning, too. I’m still not clear on what rest room they’re talking about, so I avoided them all.
Lots of people are calling on Senator Craig to resign; it’s interesting to think about why. Certainly not on the principle that any Senator who pleads guilty to a misdemeanor must go, or because he turned out to be a homosexual. It has something to do with the nature of the crime, but more, I suspect, because it exposes him to ridicule than because of its moral seriousness. That, I think, is the rub: Craig is up for re-election in 2008, although before his arrest, there were rumors that he was likely to retire. From a partisan standpoint, it would be helpful to have an incumbent in place now, to get a head start on that election, rather than having Craig continue to garner headlines and ridicule right up to the end. Which accounts, I think, for the fact that most of those calling on Craig to quit are Republicans.


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