Bad Karma

I use the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport more than just about anyone, and I’ve always considered it a cheerful place. Lately, though, it’s been the scene of some seriously bad vibes. From the arrest at the airport of would-be terrorist Ali Mohamed Almosaleh to the detention of a woman carrying over $100,000 destined for Middle Eastern terrorists to taxi drivers refusing to transport people carrying alcoholic beverages to the charade put on by the Flying Imams to, finally, the Larry Craig men’s room escapade, the Twin Cities airport has been on a losing streak.
Craig reportedly will resign from the Senate tomorrow. Hopefully our airport will be able to stay out of the news for a while.
PAUL adds: When I returned to D.C. following our interview by Time Magazine in December 2004, the security person at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport was the nicest I’ve ever encountered. However, I had to prompt her twice to engage in routine procedures.
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