Live-Blog the Republican Debate

One of our readers has set up a forum thread for a group live-blog of tonight’s Republican debate in New Hampshire, here. These events have been fun in the past, and, even though notice is short–I just stepped off an airplane–I’m sure there will be a good number of fellow conservatives with whom you can share your observations, rate the Fred Thompson commercial, etc.
UPDATE: The debate so far is interesting, but the foremost question on my mind is: what’s the deal with Mitt’s hair?
FURTHER UPDATE: The action on the Forum live-blog site is thick and fast; go here to join in.
JOE MALCHOW asks a scary question: “Has Ron Paul manged to convert his massive Internet caucus into a real-world caucus?” The answer, I’m sure, is No. Republicans at the University of New Hampshire, with all due respect, are not exactly a microcosm of the electorate.
FINAL WRAP: I’m astonished at the negative view the restaurant crowd had of Rudy Giuliani. Here were my final comments:

I thought Giuliani did himself the most good tonight. McCain and Romney were good, Hunter and Tancredo were fine, and I


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