Turn out the lights at the New Republic

“The editors” of the New Republic have managed to turn an embarassment — the publication of an egregiously false and defamatory column by its Baghdad Fabulist — into an institutional debacle. “The editors” have destroyed their own credibility with by their faux investigative efforts and long silence. As Bob Owens has demonstrated, their purported re-reporting of the Scott Thomas Beauchamp “Shock troops” column is a pretense if not a joke. “The editors” have never addressed the fact that the one “correction” they have posted to the article belies its theme. Yet, so far as we know, “the editors” are still in the midst of their investigation.

Who better than Bob Owens to continue his own investigation into the New Republic’s continuing disgrace? Yesterday Pajamas Media posted Owens’s interview with the Army major responsible for investigating Beauchamp’s column. And yesterday Michelle Malkin interviewed Weekly Standard online editor Michael Goldfarb on his investigation into Beauchamp’s column. She also sought an interview with New Republic editor Franklin Foer. Above is the video of the Goldfarb interview and her visit to the offices of the New Republic. In an update posted yesterday morning, Michelle reports that Foer declined to be interviewed.


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