Zorkot Update

We wrote here about the arrest of Houssein Zorkot, a third-year medical student who was apprehended in Dearborn, Michigan, with a loaded AK-47 and his face covered with camouflage paint. Zorkot maintained an Islamist web site on which he proclaimed his admiration for Hezbollah.
Today, the local newspaper in Dearborn reported that a laptop seized from Zorkot’s home is being examined for any evidence of connections with terrorist groups. It also contains a fuller description of the circumstances of Zorkot’s arrest than was published earlier this week.
Zorkot’s arrest has gone virtually unreported. A Google News search indicates that it has been covered in the local Dearborn and Detroit newspapers. Fox News picked up the story within the last 24 hours. Beyond that, it has been reported only by Newsbusters, Spero News, the Christian Broadcasting Network and Power Line and a handful of other web sites that, for some reason, don’t show up on Google News.


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