The Beltway — it’s not a highway, it’s a state of mind

It’s safe to say that Fred Thompson has failed to wow the “inside the beltway” crowd here in Washington, D.C. George Will finds his message all but incoherent, and less fussy critics (like me) have found his performances uneven. Will and others have also ridiculed Thompson for running as a political outsider notwithstanding his strong beltway connections, which include his lobbying and his residence.
But what do Republicans outside the beltway think of Thompson? That’s the question to which I’ve been waiting all these months for the answer.
This report from Jonathan Martin at The Politico suggests that whatever taint Thompson may have by virtue of living around Washington for so long is undetectable in the provinces. Martin, who toured Florida with Thompson, reports:

Conversations with Floridians at every Thompson stop found them coming back to the Tennessean


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