A case of Schumer Schadenfreude?

Bill Kristol reports that President Bush will nominate retired federal judge Michael Mukasey to be Attorney General. Kristol explains why conservatives should be okay with that, and why we should not be thrown off by Senator Schumer’s designation of him as a “consensus” candidate for the Supreme Court:

While it’s unfortunate that the first thing many conservatives will hear about Mukasey is that his home-state senator Chuck Schumer has praised him, that shouldn’t disqualify him. Knowing Mukasey wasn’t on Bush’s Supreme Court short list, Schumer felt free to list him a few years ago as an acceptable “consensus” candidate for the Court.
[C]onservatives should hold their fire, support the president, enjoy watching Chuck Schumer hoist on his own petard, and get ready for a strong attorney general for the rest of the Bush administration.

The New York Sun noted the Schumer angle and eloquently endorsed Judge Mukasey for the job in its September 7 editorial. The estimable Andrew McCarthy also expresses his support for Judge Mukasey at NRO’s Corner.
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