How O.J. changed his life

Roger L. Simon is the mystery novelist and screenwriter. Richard Dreyfuss memorably brought Roger’s alter ego/hero Moses Wine to life in the film of “The Big Fix” for which Roger wrote the screenplay. Wine solved that mystery and several more in the entertaining novels that followed, but one mystery abides. Why isn’t that film available on DVD?
Director’s Cut is Roger’s post-9/11 Moses Wine novel. It strongly suggests that 9/11 alienated Wine from the countercultural ethos of the ’60s in which he had comfortably subsisted, though Wine had evolved as a character in the series as a result of personal experience and professional success.
The return of O.J Simpson to the news has prompted Roger to reflect on the evolution of his politics. In an autobiographical account posted at Pajamas Media, Roger traces the impact of the Simpson murder trial on his thinking:

I began to think of Johnnie Cochran as condescending to the African-American community, as their enabler, treating them like children who would believe something as imbecilic as


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