A veto we’re unlikely to see

The editors of The Examiner urge President Bush to veto the “fake” ethics reform legislation passed by Congress. As The Examiner notes, Congress “effectively gutt[ed] the legislation of virtually all meaningful reforms.” Specifically, among other things, Congress

removed a provision requiring lists of all earmarks contained in legislation to be posted in searchable format on the Internet for public examination;
watered down the provision banning earmarks that benefit relatives and staffers of senators and representatives;
gave the Senate majority leader the power to exempt earmarks from public disclosure; and
allowed passage of bills stuffed full of earmarks without prior public disclosure of those earmarks.

The Examiner’s point is well-taken, but how likely is it that the administration has the courage and the will necessary to veto this legislation?
JOHN adds: No way. Hardly anyone understands this sort of legislation. The headlines would say: “Bush vetoes ethics reform,” and that’s about the only thing most people would absorb.
UPDATE: Actually, this a veto we will not see. President Bush has already signed the legislation, and had done so when I wrote the original post.
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