A word from Senator DeMint

We are always honored when a member of Congress asks to post on Power Line. We were particularly delighted when Senator Jim DeMint expressed a desire to “guest post” here, because we consider DeMint a strong candidate for “Most Valuable Senator” of 2007.
Senator DeMint’s post concerns last week’s appearance of General Petraeus before Congress and the hope it provides, or should have provided, for all Americans. The post is called “Iraq: A Chance for Success.”

There is no doubt about it; Americans are growing tired of bad news from Iraq . After years of turmoil the popular support that once existed for our mission in Iraq has faded.
I have always believed that the American people are not against our mission in Iraq, but they are against losing. In other words, they want to see a strategy for success.
Fortunately, last week, every American was given reason to hope: the new strategy is working.
In his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of which I am a member, Gen. David Petraeus brought good news.
According to the general, violence is down in Iraq, security is getting better and our military objectives are being met. I hope his message will encourage the American people.
Still, we know Petraeus


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