Ice this

The Washington Redskins trailed the Philadelphia Eagles 6-3 last night with 14 seconds left in the first half. The Redskins had moved inside the Eagles two yard line but had been pushed back ten yards by two penalties. They had no time outs left. It was second down.
The Skins had more than enough time to throw a pass into the end zone, and with the clock stopping automatically in the event of an incompletion, still kick a field goal if necessary. However, perhaps fearing a sack or an interception toss by their inexperienced QB Jason Campbell, the Skins sent their field goal unit on.
Although the kick was a chip shot, Eagles coach Andy Reid decided to “ice” the Redskins kicker by calling a time out. During the time out, Redskins Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs pulled his field goal unit and called a pass play.
After yet another penalty, Campbell completed a 17 yard touchdown pass to tight end Chris Cooley, to put the Redskins up 10-6. According to ESPN’s sideline reporter, the Eagles left the field disconsolate. When the coaches tried to exhort their team, they failed to get any reaction.
The Redskins went on to double up the half-time score, winning 20-12.


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