A painter passing through Minneapolis

When it was announced this past June that Gordon Lightfoot would be performing in Minneapolis at one of my favorite venues on September 22, I ran over to the theater box office and bought first row tickets before I realized I was otherwise committed that evening. I looked to give the tickets to someone who might enjoy the show as much as I would have and found Peter Zeller of the Center of the American Experiment. Peter saw the show this past Saturday and has graciously filed this comprehensive report:

The old ballad master Gordon Lightfoot continues to tour and sell out his gigs, satisfying a full house of 2,000 Saturday night at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. The Canadian folk singer, now 68, recovered from a near-fatal abdominal hemorrhage that left him in a two month long coma five years ago. Age and time have made his emotion-laden lyrics that much more moving and he enjoys a tight bond with his fans.
Lightfoot originally gained recognition as a songwriter in the mid-1960s and his songs have been recorded by greats such as Peter, Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Elvis. Later his unique songwriting and singing style established his trademark folk sound, and some now consider him one of the greatest singer/songwriters ever. He


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