Do You Miss the 80s?

I do, sometimes, from a political perspective. But I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the music. That was a busy decade for me. Others, though–my wife, for example–are very fond of the music of the Reagan era. Well, how bad can it be?
In the Forum, a regular poster called Electra went to Patsy’s and confessed her longing to hear more music of the 80s in a thread titled “I Want 80s Videos.” “I hope you’ll post some good eighties videos for me,” she wrote.
Her fellow Forum posters obliged, to the extent that if you want to see a gallery of 80s music, via the miracle of YouTube, there it is. Still, it is far from complete. If we have more 80s music fans among our readers, as no doubt we do, I’m sure there are many more videos that can be added in response to Electra’s plea.
SCOTT adds: I can’t figure out how to embed the video over at the Forum, but here’s one of my ’80’s favorites, with a timeless message.

JOHN adds: Your wish is my command. I posted the video on the Forum thread. If anyone else is confused about how to do that, you click the “YouTube” button and put in ONLY the string of eleven numbers and letters at the end of the YouTube URL. In this case, the string was upCrNI9e63A. You just put in that, after clicking the YouTube button, nothing else.


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