Hollywood: A Bronx cheer for, round 3

The verbal fight between David Ehrenstein and Andrew Breitbart should have been called because of a technical knockout in round 2. In round 3, Breitbart responds to Ehrenstein’s assertion that Ehrenstein hasn’t “the slightest doubt that Andrew feels Hollywood should be working 24/7 on stemming the Islamic tide threatening to overwhelm all that’s white and Christian…” with a solid right to Ehrenstein’s chin:

I know your biracial homosexual bio perfecta trumps my humble multiculti checklist, but I did have a bitchin’ Bar Mitzvah; I adore my Latina sister (we’re both adopted); and I chose to go to college in New Orleans because I really liked Lisa Bonet in “Angel Heart.” Isn’t that enough not to have an embroidered scarlet KKK on my hooded sweatshirt?


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