The Columbia outtakes

Filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney’s “Indoctrinate U” premiered in Washington this past Friday at the Kennedy Center via American Film Renaissance. In advance of the premiere Deroy Murdock profiled Maloney in “Move over, Michael Moore.” Also of note regarding the film are the Washington-based Express’s interview with Maloney and Bill Steigerwald’s interview with Thor Halvorssen.
While filming “Indoctrinate U,” Maloney attempted to interview Columbia students on campus. He was stopped by police and told that in order to film, he would need to submit the footage to Columbia for final content approval and also pay up to $1,000/hour for a Columbia handler to follow him around while he filmed. Although the outtakes — including the encounter with the police — did not make it into “Indoctrinate U,” Maloney has posted them on the film’s website here. The outtakes are not only relevant to events at Columbia this past week, they are, shall we say, highly educational.
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