Justice Kennedy goes global

The press wasn’t allowed to attend Justice Kennedy’s talk to Akhil Amar’s Con Law class at Yale last Thursday. I hesitate to draw conclusions from the muffled representation of his remarks that the Yale Daily News reporters gather from those in attendance, but he didn’t appear to have much to say about constitutional law:

In his remarks Thursday, Kennedy spoke about issues more wide-ranging than the academic legal questions commonly asked of leading members of the bar. In his talk, delivered without the aid of a prepared text, Kennedy expressed a bold vision for change in the 21st century, attendees said.
Kennedy discussed foreign legal and political concerns, including the relationship between American law and international law; poverty and the rights of citizens in developing countries; and the legal impact of an increasingly unified Europe, attendees said.
In response to a question, Kennedy also discussed his vote with the majority in the 1989 case Texas v. Johnson, which held that flag burning was a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment.
Yale Law School professor Akhil Amar


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