Modern heroes

Yesterday we received a message from an Army sergeant first class, one of those to whom Robert Kaplan pays tribute in his Wall Street Journal column “Modern heroes.” The sergeant responds to “Professor Pausch goes deep” and our earlier posts on Professor Pausch, writing:

Greetings Power Line Crew:
First, THANKS for the support. I am a Sergeant First Class in the Army. I have read your site daily since I learned of it in my last deployment (the sixth of my career) and I continue to read you guys now that I am back.
Regarding Professor Pauch, have you guys considered doing something where your readers can sign their name giving him thoughts and prayers? That man is a true inspiration and has caused me personally to look at things a little bit differently since learnning about him on your blog.
If you guys do, I want NO credit, I just want to tell him thanks for making my life better, he made a difference.
Thanks again for the support.
Go Army and God Bless America!

I thought our readers might be able to help us out on the sergeant’s question, perhaps via comments in a thread on this post.
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