Coming attractions

This year’s Claremont Institute dinner in honor of Sir Winston S. Churchill will be held on the evening of Saturday, November 17 at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California. The keynote speaker will be Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, recipient of our 2007 Statesmanship Award, to be presented by nationally syndicated radio host, Claremont Institute Washington Fellow, and Power Line friend Bill Bennett. Tickets are now available for purchase online here. John attended last year’s dinner in honor of Mark Steyn and briefly celebrated it as “A splendid evening,” as I’m sure this year’s will be as well.
Bill Kristol is this year’s Center of the American Experiment fall briefing speaker. Bill will be speaking on October 23 at the Pantages Theater in downtown Minneapolis. Tickets can be purchased online here. Readers can purchase discounted tickets ($20 for adults, $5 for students) either online or by contacting Devin Foley ([email protected]). Bill last spoke at the Center in 1996 and gave an outstanding speech on the subject of conservative realignment (to which he appended a question mark). With political dynamics shifting in the opposite direction, it is an opportune moment to get Bill back for a return visit to address “The New World.”


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