A Conspiracy So Vast…

We’ve never denied being members of the vast right-wing conspiracy; we just wish it were a little vaster. But a truly paranoid mind has been at work, and has located our exact position in the conspiratorial web. I have no idea who operates this web site, but you have to give the guy credit for a cosmic (and comic) vision: he links us to the Claremont Institute, of which Scott and I are fellows; the Center of the American Experiment, on whose board Scott and I have both served, and Mitch Pearlstein, the Center’s founder, a good friend of ours; Kathy Kersten, also a friend; Bill Bennett, another friend of ours; and Bill Kristol, whom it would be presumptuous to call a friend–since I’ve never actually met him–but with whom we have had a cordial, occasional email relationship. And, of course, we used to write for the online version of Kristol’s Weekly Standard.
There you have it! Q.E.D.! What a sinister web of influence! We stand convicted of being friends with our, um, friends. Not only that, but all of the above people and institutions are conservative! He rests his case.
Is it a good thing or a bad thing to figure in other people’s paranoid fantasies? Hard to say.
SCOTT adds: The jig is up!
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