An Infidel Is An Infidel

Everyone knows that radical Muslims hate Jews; what I’ve never understood is why so many people don’t realize that they hate everyone else, too. If you were to sort the victims of radical Muslims by religious affiliation, fellow Muslims would be in first place. I haven’t tried to do the math, but I’d guess that Hindus are probably second. If you’re an atheist, take no comfort: they may come for the Hindus first, but they’ll get to you before long.
In the Middle East, Arab Christians have, sadly, generally sided with their fellow Arab Muslims against Israeli Jews. Not that this has done them any good. They are infidels:

A prominent Palestinian Christian activist was found dead on a Gaza City street Sunday, sending a shudder of fear through a tiny Christian community feeling increasingly insecure since the Islamic Hamas seized control last summer.
The body of Rami Khader Ayyad, the 32-year-old director of Gaza’s only Christian bookstore, bore a visible gunshot wound to the head, and an official at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital said he was also stabbed numerous times. Ayyad had been missing since Saturday afternoon.
Ayyad regularly received anonymous death threats from angry people who accused him of missionary work, a rarity among Gaza’s Christians. His store, which is associated with a Christian group called the Palestinian Bible Society, was firebombed in April.
“We feel Rami was killed for his Christian faith,” said Simon Azazian, a spokesman at the Bible Society’s head office in Jerusalem.

Ayyad leaves a pregnant wife and two small children. Ask not for whom the bell tolls.
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