That mysterious Strib veteran, not for attribution

In “Our powers are greater than we knew,” John comments on the pathetic not-for-attribution whining of veteran Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman about his colleague Katherine Kersten and assorted local “right-wing blog voices.” How hard is it to identify Coleman as the source of the not-for-attribution whining? Here is the fully plugged Nick Coleman whining to NYU’s Jay Rosen of Pressthink in April 2005 after Kersten had been announced as the Star Tribune’s new metro columnist:

Gosh. Do you THINK the press is being de-certified? Which side are you on? I thought that was your game plan. You ripped me last fall without even speaking to me because I had the poor judgment (or maybe the balls) to confront right wing wingnut bloggers who have my newspaper (and most others) in the crosshairs of a constant all-out partisan attack. And they are winning, prof. The Star-Tribune now has hired a by-god certifiable right wing activist and power megaphone. Funny, I haven


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