What about the Dardanelles?

As First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill presided over the disastrous British attempt to shorten the war by taking Istanbul via the naval operation at the Dardanelles in 1915. “What about the Dardanelles?” was the taunt hurled at Churchill for more than a generation. (Jeffrey Wallin comes to Churchill’s defense in By Ships Alone: Churchill and the Dardanelles.)
Now that a House committee has passed a resolution condemning the Ottoman slaughter of the Armenians during World War I, perhaps it is time for Congress to turn its attention to the slaughter at the Dardanelles. Jed Babbin calls out the Democratic leadership for its unbelievable irresponsibility in “Pelosi’s most dangerous ploy.” The invaluable Thomas Sowell calls it “Sabotage in wartime.” And Michael Rubin observes that “Grandstanding has consequences.”
UPDATE: Youssef Ibrahim provides a counterpoint in today’s New York Sun: “Acknowledging the Armenian genocide.” Ibrahim understands what happened, but in my view he does not understand what is happening here and now. (Via Andrew Bostom.)


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