John Bolton unbound

John Hawkins has posted a timely interview with John Bolton over at Right Wing News. Certainly the least newsworthy part of the interview is this question and answer:

[John Hawkins:] I regularly poll conservative bloggers on various topics and for the past two years, you have ranked as one of their favorite people on the right (here & here). So, let me give you a chance to return the favor: are there any blogs you regularly or semi-regularly read?
[John Bolton:] Well, I read Atlas Shrugs, Power Line, Michelle Malkin, National Review blogs, and you know, I have left some out. But, I try to read a lot of them — you know, Redstate, RealClearPolitics — there is just a lot of good and creative thinking out there and I wish I had time to read more of them.

During his time in office I interviewed Ambassador Bolton and posted my summary in “My favorite ambassador.” (I added a footnote here.) I also placed Ambassador Bolton in the short line of America’s great ambassadors to the United Nations, distinguished by the New York Times’s hatred of them, in “D


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